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Bottle Drive Fundraisers​ 

What you need to know about Bottle Drives

Whether you are buying sports equipment, planning a trip, or supporting a charity, you’ll find that a bottle drive is a fun and easy way to raise money. In fact, the average bottle drive raises between $500 and $1,500 for just half a days work. 

A Bottle Drive is when a group of people go door to door to collect refundable beverage containers. They ask residents in their community to kindly donate a bag or two or even cases of beer to help raise money for their group. All the bottles and cans are then dropped off at the Exchange to be counted and processed. A cash refund will be ready for your group in a few days. It's that simple!

Call or come in to fill out the paperwork and get your group booked. To have a successful event make sure your group advertises ahead of time. You will need enough volunteers as well as trucks and drivers. Simple things such as mapping off roads to have a plan and booking after a holiday will add to your success...and refund! 

Forgetting to book with us can result in not being able to process your large volumes efficiently. (scheduling staff and making room for your large volume) Calling ahead is appreciated but will always do our best to get your group their refund as quickly as possible. When booking with us, we can let you know what other bottle drives are happening so that all your hard efforts won't be wasted knocking on doors that were already picked up by another group. 

Bottle Drive Calendar

Click on our monthly calendar below to check out up coming bottle drives. Use this calendar to help you pick your next fundraiser date or just to see who's collecting in your neighbourhood this month.

Our Calendar

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