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Beverage Containers

At the Exchange we accept most beverage containers (excluding dairy/soy) for refund. If they are purcahsed in 

Nova Scotia they will qualify for the half back program.

Click below to understand what you pay and what you get back.

End-of-Life Electronics

Whether you bought a new television or you need a new laptop, you will need to throw away your old devices. Electronics are banned from Nova Scotia landfills meaning no curbside pick up for these unwanted items.

Click below to learn how easy it is to drop off electronics at the Exchange. 

Leftover Paint

Leftover paint or empty paint cans can be dropped off to be recycled at the Exchange through our program administered by ReGeneration. Check out their site for tips on buying and storing paint.

Click below to find the types of paint accepted for free drop off.

Unwanted Textiles

The Exchange collects items donated to our Pink Bin to be sorted and reused and repurposed rather than sending them to the landfill. All textile items can be reused or repurposed, it's just a matter of finding the right market. 

Click below to see the full list of items we accept.

Car, Lawn Mower, Boat Batteries 

We do not accept batteries of any kind.

Please call 311 (HRM) to inquire how to dispose of properly.  

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