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A quick history on recycling in Nova Scotia

The Beverage Container Deposit-Refund Program was established in 1996 in Nova Scotia and is fully managed by Divert NS. The program is a half back deposit-refund program, meaning you pay the deposit at the point of sale and get half the deposit back when you return it to an Enviro-Depot.

What items are a 5 cent refund?

Almost all products are a 5 cent refund because you are charged a 10 cent deposit on most beverage containers. The easiest way is to count each item as 5 cents except for the 10 cent rules. (see below)

These items all have a 10 cent deposit and a 5 cent refund.

These items are examples of type of beverage containers and various brands sold in Nova Scotia. 

This is to be used as a guide and refunds are not limited to only these products. 

All liquor shown is 500 mL and under - mickeys, half pints, pints and coolers.

Beer - The refund varies depending on the bottle you return.

Imports are only a 10 cent deposit therefore a 5 cent refund.

Brown craft beer looks similar to domestic brown bottles but they vary in different ways making them not refillable.

These are only examples and refund is not limited to these products. 

What items are a 10 cent refund?

The 10 cent rules are simple.

In order to get a 10 cent refund you must have paid a 20 cent deposit on a beverage container that contains ALCOHOL and is larger than 500mL. The KEY here is that it has to be 501mL and a liquor bottle in order to receive a dime back.

The exception to the half back rule is the domestic beer bottles (brown, green, clear) They are recycled through The Brewers Association, and since they are refillable, they are fully refundable.

All these items (except beer) have a 20 cent deposit and a 10 cent refund.

Refillable Domestic brown, Domestic Moosehead green and Domestic Sleeman clear bottles. (Fully refundable at 10 cents each)

All liquor bottles shown are 501 mL or larger.

These items are examples of types beverages containers and various brands sold in Nova Scotia. 

This is to be used as a guide and refunds are not limited to these products.  

*Wine box includes box and bladder.

We do NOT accept the following products

Dairy and Dairy Products

As defined under the Nova Scotia Dairy Industry Act: any non-reconstituted product that identifies animal milk as the first or only ingredient, including whole, partly skimmed or skimmed milk; whole or partly skimmed chocolate or flavoured milk; light cream; blend; coffee cream; whipping cream; eggnog; buttermilk; concentrated milk; and include yogurt drinks, Weider Pure Pro Shake and milk shakes

Soya Beverage Products

A product that identifies soybeans as the primary or secondary ingredient, including Natural Balanced, Natura Soy, So Good, Silk Soya, Eden Soya, Vitasoy, Soy Dream, So Nice Soya and Earthshake Soya

Rice Beverage Products

Including: Pacific Rice, Rice Dream, Ricesense, Eden Blend Rice & Soy, Natura Rice, PC Organic Rice, Ryza Whole Brown Rice and Organic YU Basmati Rice

Meal Replacement Beverages

Including: Boost, Ensure, Equate, Life Replenish, President's Choice Nutri-Total, President's Choice Ultra Shake, Pharmasave Brand, Kirkland Signature Complete Nutrition Shake, Rexall, Truly Health, Truly Health Nutritional Shake, and WellQuest

Formulated Liquid Diets

Including Pediasure, Pediasure Plus, Enfagrow, Glucerna Shake, Resource Standard, Resource Plus, Resource 2.0, Resource Diabetic, Resource Thickened Products and Resource Kids Essentials

Foods for very low energy Diets

Which are available by prescription through hospitals and pharmacies

All Concentrates

Any product that requires one or more additives to transform it into a ready-to-serve drink

All baby formula

Wine Making Kits

All non-alcoholic beverages

          in containers 5-litres or greater.

All "Return-for-Refund" 

labeled containers purchased outside of Nova Scotia. 

Any crushed aluminum can

will not be refunded even if it was purchased in Nova Scotia and had a deposit paid. We do not get reimbursed or paid from Divert NS for these crushed items. Call Divert NS if you have any further questions on this.

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