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About Textile Recycling

Do you want to know how you, Matt's, The ERA AFTeR and Divert NS can join forces and divert thousands of tonnes of waste from the landfill each year?

It's Easy...Our Pink Bin...Drop your bags in there.

The Pink Bin Program is an initiative of the Eastern Recyclers Association (ERA).

Used clothes and household textiles can be recycled through our charitable donation drop-off bin.

Over 7,000 tonnes of textiles are recycled annually, however, another 30,000 tonnes still end up in Nova Scotian landfills.

Let's change that! Next time you clean out your house, bag up your stuff and bring them to us.

What is the definition of a TEXTILE?

A textile is basically a cloth, fabric or a flexible material consisting of a network of natural or artificial fibers. Textiles are formed by weaving, knitting, crocheting, knotting, or felting.

Here are some examples of textiles around your home.

Do we take items with holes and stains?

Yes we do!!!

We take items you never wear or use anymore, items falling apart and even a single sock with a hole!

The only thing we asked is that the textiles not be stained with grease or oil.

Textiles donated to the pink bin will find its way to being sorted and reused and repurposed. Perfectly good clothing and shoes will be sold through thrift stores and any unsalable clothing or shoes will be sent to either national or international markets where they have a use.

All clothing and shoes can be reused or repurposed, it is just a matter of finding the right market. What we consider worn or torn clothing, a sock with a hole in it, a shoe with a hole in the sole, even a single shoe, all have a reuse purpose and we will find that market.


Our Pink Bin is for the sole purpose of collecting textile items. We have no way to donate other items such as childrens toys, books, kitchen items, etc. Please take the time to donate them to a charity that could use them. Items left that are not part of the program may end up in the landfill. Bags left outside the bin will get destroyed by bad weather so please be sure to place inside the bin or ask our staff for help.


Why PINK Bin?

Proceeds from this initiative are donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Atlantic,

thus the PINK BIN.


Eastern Recyclers Association video on recycling Textiles

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