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A quick history on electronic recycling in Nova Scotia

Most electronics were banned from the landfill February 1, 2008, when Nova Scotia put together the Solid Waste Resource Management Regulations. Divert NS established the program back in 2008, and now it's administered by industry through Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA).

EPRA Nova Scotia is a not-for-profit industry-led organization that oversees a government-approved end-of-life electronics recycling program throughout the province.

All residents and business can drop off old electronics FREE of charge.

If you are a business with many items to recycle, please contact us to schedule a pick-up.

What we ACCEPT

Desktop Computers

Desktop computers (including those acting as servers) and all bundled keyboards, mice, cables and internal components.

Portable Computers

Includes portable computers such as laptops, netbooks, notebooks and tablets.

Computer Peripherals

Includes both wired and wireless manual input devices such as keyboards, mice and trackballs. 

Desktop Printers

Printers designed to reside on a work surface, including laser and LED, ink jet, dot matrix, thermal, dye sublimation and "multifunction" copy,scan, fax machines are also included in the category.

Display Devices 

Televisions and monitors, including various technologies such as Cathode Ray Tube (CRT), flat panel (LCD, LED and plasma) and rear projection. 

Home Audio/Video Systems

Includes VCRs, DVD and CD players, digital cable and satellite equipment, speakers, amplifiers, received, data projectors and similar audio/video systems. 

Personal or Portable 

Audio/Video Systems

Includes docking speakers, portable stereos, personal CD players, portable audio recorders, tape/radio players, headphones, digital media (MP3) players, voice recorders, and digital and video cameras. 

Vehicle Audio/Video Systems (Aftermarket)

Includes amplifiers, equalizers, speakers and in-dash audio/video components. 

Home Theatre In-A-Box 

(HTB) Systems

Includes pre-packaged disc player/speaker/amplifier systems for use with video or television display to create a home theatre experience. 

Cellular Devices

Cellular phones, including those offering camera, video recording and/or audio functions; smartphones (cell-enabled); cell-enabled PDAs utilizing touch-screen technology; cell-enabled handheld devices.

Non-Cellular Telephones 

Includes corded and cordless telephones, as well as telephone answering machines.

 Microwave Ovens

 Gaming Consoles

It's free to drop off at the Exchange

Your local garbage truck won't be taking your electronics set to the curb since they are banned from landfill. Sticker will be placed on your items and left for you to dispose of. Don't worry, if it's an accepted item on our list you can drop it off free of charge. There is no refund for bringing them in since there is no deposit system in place. The program is funded by an Environmental Handling Fee charged in the store on all new electronic products. Check your receipt next time you purchase a new device.

If you are a business with multiple electronics to recycle...

Please do not hesitate to call us! 

We will schedule a pick up to assist you with removal and proper disposable of the accepted items from your workplace.

Consumers and businesses are responsible for ensuring that all personal data is removed from their electronic devices, prior to dropping them off. 

The EPRA NS requires us to protect data on all electronics from unauthorized access or theft, but it is your obligation to protect your personal information. 

The EPRA Nova Scotia and Matt's Bottle Exchange do not accept liability for data or any other digital content that is left on electronic products.

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