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2020 Enviro-Depot of the Year!

In December 2020 we were awarded this award. We had an overwhelming amount of customer nominations. It means the world to us to not only have happy customers but ones that take the time to nominate and are rooting for us! We tide pride in our customer service and our community. Our staff work exceptionally hard and this could not of been possible without their dedication to the job. Thanks Divert NS, our customers and our staff! We hope to continuing growing in 2021!

What do we recycle?

We Actually Pay You?

That's right! We pay you to come visit us. What other stores do you leave with more cash in your wallet than when you started?

That's why IT MAKES CENTS to RECYCLE RIGHT at the Exchange!

We give you a refund on each beverage container that is accepted in the program. We have given out refunds as little as five cents to customers and we've had groups do bottle drives as fundraisers and they've collected hundreds of dollars in refundables.

It's really that easy. Consume a beverage, a quick rinse and toss of the cap are appreciated and then place in a transparent bag. Visit our friendly staff with your refundables and they will count and process your bag and send you back on your way with cash in hand!

* End-of-Life Electronics, Leftover Paint, and Unwanted Textiles​

No Refund for these items, However we are a Free Drop Off Site for your unwanted products.

Environmental Handling Fees paid at store when electronics and paint are purchased.

Purchase and drink your favourite beverage.


Bring your bag full of refundables to us.


Our staff will correctly count and pay you your refund in cash.


Matt's Bottle Exchange Calendar

Check out what's going on and who's knocking at your door!


122 Cow Bay Road

P.O. Box 444

Eastern Passage

Nova Scotia

B3G 1M5


phone: (902) 465-2828
fax: (902) 465-2096


Mon - Sat: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Sun: Closed


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